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Butterflies of Freedom: in support of Salman Rushdie

Writers from across the globe are showing their solidarity with Salman Rushdie and their support of the freedom to write, by reading selected texts from his work in public and online . I would very much like to join this effort by recording my own reading of a Rushdie passage, for although I’m not a literary writer but an academic one, writing is my life and so I know what it means. But instead of reading the passage I have selected, I will simply put it here in its written form. The honest reason is that I wouldn’t be able to read it aloud in front of a camera – the writing is so beautiful and powerful that I would not be able to control my breath and my emotions. To all of you out there who think you have the right to tell others what they can or cannot write: look at what it actually is that you are trying to kill. You have already lost, for it is much stronger than you will ever be. It will easily survive you, it will survive Rushdie as well -  in fact, it will survive each and eve

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