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History is the Mystery (Justinus Kerner and the Seeress)

As the Corona virus was dominating the media and everybody’s daily lives, many of my friends on Facebook began launching “book challenges” to entertain themselves and the members of their networks. I accepted a challenge to list “10 books that changed your life,” and soon discovered that it was not just great fun to select ten titles and write about them, but that the exercise triggered a process of self-reflection. It made me conscious of some deep and long-term motivations and obsessions that have very much determined my personal life and my career as a scholar as well (or the other way around?). After some delay, here is nr. 6 on my list.  Friederike Hauffe (1801-1829), the "Seeress of Prevorst Around the time I was finishing my dissertation   during the mid-1990s , a colleague of mine organized a small discussion group about the topic “women and miracle stories,” which eventually led to a n interesting  collective volume .  As  I had to pick a topic for my contribution,  I  gr

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