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In Search of Humanity: Reading Thomas Mann

Ein Zweifler bin ich, wie ich hier sitze, nicht weil ich nichts glaubte, sondern weil ich alles für möglich halte (A doubter I am, as I sit here – not because I believed in nothing but because I consider anything possible).                Joseph und seine Brüder, vol. 3, “Zum Herrn”.
Two years ago I embarked on a life's mission. Spread out over the next x-number of years, I decided to read my way through all 38 volumes, including commentary volumes, of the Grosse Kommentierte Frankfurter Ausgabe(GKFA) of the complete works of Thomas Mann. Simply because no other writer gives me so much pleasure and so many insights, or is so close to how I look at the world. After each volume I wrote some short reflections on my personal Facebook page; below you can find those thoughts in an edited and slightly expanded version. Looking at Mann’s oeuvre as a whole, I cannot help perceiving a grand life-long design of the kind you find only in the very greatest creative minds. Thomas Mann began right a…

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